I Hate My Job - the new show from writer/director Michael DeSanto

“I Hate My Job” is a workplace situation comedy filmed in the style of “The Office”
or “Parks and Recreation”. It has a blend of situational humor, clever dialogue and
broad physical comedy. The performers involved all have extensive experience with
improv, and some scenes are entirely ad-libbed. With this ensemble of young,
appealing and talented actors, “I Hate My Job” is sure to be a successful show!

“I Hate My Job” takes place in Toledo, Ohio, the cast and crew are based in Toledo
or nearby areas, and the theme song was created by local band Stretch. “I Hate My Job”
brings local talent together and showcases the Toledo film community!

We have extensive plans for marketing the show, including airdates on local television,
a premiere screening event, and screenings at several area film festivals. This, along
with a big web presence, will help “I Hate My Job” reach a wide audience!